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Good to The Last Drop – March 2018

Good to the last drop

Like many women, I find myself drawn to endless amounts of skincare and makeup products. (Don’t ask me how they all end up in my possession!) But lately, in the spirit of sustainability, I’ve decided to be more mindful with my purchases in all aspects of my life - including cosmetics. As difficult as it can be to stick to, I’ve begun only buying a new product to replace one that’s been completely used.

After going through all of my makeup, tossing what’s expired, and taking stock of what I actually use on a regular basis, I came to the conclusion that a lot of what I’ve been keeping served no purpose for me. It may be a bit of a pain to do, but it felt really good to get rid of a lot of things. Along those same lines, it feels GREAT to actually get through an entire tube or bottle of something I really love. I know that it’s a special product if I find myself returning to it again and again, and not getting bored.

This will be the first post in a series of which products I’ve loved and lost, and that have come to the end of their lives (bottles?) in the past month. Nothing gold can stay, but they may just end up a staple in my daily routine.

Santa's Belly - Lush Shower Jelly

The first of a few Lush products I finished this month, Santa’s Belly is one of the holiday shower jellies that I stocked up on during Boxing Day sales. I’ve loved every Lush shower jelly I’ve tried, but this one stands out especially because of its fruity, apple scent, it’s sparkly appearance (FYI - made using biodegradable glitter!) and its fun rounded belly shape. My only complaint about this product is that it doesn’t lather as well as some of Lush’s other jellies, but it’s something I can deal with because the smell is amazing. I have one container left to last me until Christmas 2018, but I’m holding onto it until I get a major craving for some apple-y, glittery, goodness.

2. Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Okay - if you’ve never tried this cleanser, I don’t blame you. It’s $104 dollars, it’s made from 100% plant based ingredients, and until recently it wasn’t available for widespread purchase. HOWEVER, if you can get over the price, this face wash will change your life. It has a bright, citrus scent and is an effective yet gentle exfoliant due to the finely ground apricot kernels throughout. It left my skin thoroughly clean, without feeling dried out, and also removed 99% of my makeup (mascara being the only exception). This is one product I’m really sad to see go, since I don’t have the funds to replace it at the moment. If only I could work in a green beauty haven forever!

The second of my Lush Christmas purchases is this fantastic body scrub. Seriously, I wish I could have this product all year round, but sadly I have to settle for stocking up and finding a way to make it last all year. I love that this body scrub comes in a solid bar, 1) because it means less packaging, and 2) I don’t have to worry about scooping my hands into a tub and having product slip through my fingers in the shower. The peppermint scent isn’t too overpowering, and is a great way to energize after a tough workout. The salt also does a great job of keeping my skin smooth - a task that is made extra difficult because of a skin condition called keratosis pilaris, or KP. It’s a fancy name for those little red bumps that often appear on the back of your arms or on your legs, and can be tough to get rid of. This is one of the only products I’ve found that helps combat my KP, which makes it all the worse when I get through the end of my stash.

(Apologies for the weird-looking tin, but these are the remnants of both the salt scrub and the shampoo bar)

Lush Montalbano Shampoo Bar

This was my first introduction to the world of shampoo bars, and now that I’ve tried it I may never go back to regular shampoo again. I haven’t used a bar of soap in a very long time, but using a bar of shampoo somehow feels so much more fun! Maybe it’s the way it lathers up? Either way, this was a definite success and I’ll be returning to Lush ASAP to replace this shampoo bar. I have fine hair that tends to get greasy easily, especially after a workout, and this product did a great job of lifting away any dirt and oil. It has a very strong lemon scent though, so if you’re not a fan I’d stay far away from this one.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

This little brow gel has definitely become a key player in my daily makeup routine. I picked this baby up before I decided to splurge on a Glossier Boy Brow, and was not disappointed. The spoolie brush did a great job at coating my eyebrow hairs and keeping them in place all day. I'm usually not a fan of drugstore makeup, but with NYX being a cruelty-free brand, I figured it's a better option than most brow gels on the market. As you can tell by the teeth marks, it's also been tested and proven to be dog-proof, which is always another plus in my books.

So there we have it friends, a roundup of goodies that I managed to finish this month! Are there any products that you've loved and finished recently? Leave a message in the comments with your thoughts!

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